Spyker's plans for Saab revealed

Saab will launch an all-new 9-3 in 2012, and explore the potential of a smaller "9-1" model as part of Spyker's strategy to revitalise its new acquisition.

The Saab Business Plan revealed by the company today also confirms that the new 9-5 saloon will be officially launched this summer, followed by the 9-4X crossover in early 2011.

Spyker believes it can rebuild the Saab brand as an independent, performance-orientated niche car company around these four models, although extra money will have to be found if it decides to go ahead with a 9-1 range.

Spyker is adamant that Saab can re-establish a position alongside other premium brands such as BMW and Audi; something the brand had failed to do under GM ownership.

The business plan also makes it clear that collaboration with GM as a supplier will continue, but that dependency will be reduced over time.

Although Spyker intends to change the name to Saab Spyker Automobiles, the company will operate as two separate entities focused on distinctly different markets.

Saab's Trollhattan car plant will be used to build all models except the 9-4X, with Spyker aiming to reach production volumes of around 100,000 to 125,000 cars a year.

Additionally, Spyker will benefit by using Saab dealerships to sell its own hi-end sports cars, and eventually share in the company's engineering know how. Expect to see the brands sharing components and technology in the future.

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