Top Ten: Road Trip Cars

Claire Edwards


Any petrol head knows that the key to a great holiday or trip is to drive there. But trying to pile the kids and missus into a 911 isn't going to make for the most pleasant journey.

So we've put together a top ten of the best road trip cars that offer at least four seats, space for luggage and won't bore you on the motorway. Let us know what you think.

10. BMW 540i – Used £3,000 ('97)

We had to include a BMW here somewhere, and although more modern examples of the 5 series or even 3 series would make equally great road trip companions, the E39 540i is perhaps one of the more iconic BMW's. Powered by a 4.0-litre V8 engine, performance is available in spades, while it also benefits from a well-balanced ride and excellent handling.
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