Cut your car insurance

Maya Driver

These are difficult times and we are all looking at ways to save money. It could be that you are paying too much on your car insurance deal. Why not take a look and see if you can make some savings.

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Here are some tips on reducing the price of those premiums:

  • Fit an alarm and immobiliser - security improvements will help lower insurance.

  • Change your excess - the more you are willing to cover yourself the lower your premiums.

  • Check your mileage - you may be paying for miles you aren't using.

  • Cut back on optional extras and don't have a courtesy car unless absolute necessary. It could increase your premiums.

  • Check where you park, if you have a garage use it. Leaving your car securely in the garage overnight will save you money. Use your drive if you don't have a garage. It's still preferable to the public highway.

If you are already covered or are coming up for renewal then you need to consider shopping around. If you leave your deal mid term you will be hit with a penalty but you may still come out on top if you find a much cheaper offer.

Use the price comparison websites to find the best deal. Remember to use all of them as each will have only a percentage of the market. It's not uncommon for people to cut their premiums in half by patiently shopping around. When entering your career details be as specific as possible. A slightly inaccurate description could give a misleading picture and increase your payments.

Buy your insurance online. Most providers will offer better deals if you seal the deal over the net. If you are in the market for a new car check to see if there is a promotional offer with the vehicle. Some companies may offer up to a year's free cover with a new vehicle.

Do you have any more tips on how to lower your premiums? If so, share them here with us.