Ferrari to reveal hybrid 599

Ferrari will introduce hybrid technology and the first model to get it will be the 599, chairman Luca di Montezemolo confirmed at the presentation of the race team's 2010 Formula One car yesterday.

No details of the new car were forthcoming, but Montezemolo said the prototype 599 would be officially unveiled at the Geneva Show in March.

European patents revealed last year suggest that Ferrari was working on a four-wheel drive hybrid drivetrain with electric motors powering the front wheels.
Italian magazine, Quattroruote has since reported that the new system will use lithium batteries and an electric motor to cut the fuel requirements of the 599's V12 by 35 per cent.

Montezemolo indicated he was keen for Ferrari to lead formula one in the transfer of race technology to road cars. Whether this will mean the integration of something similar to last season's Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) remains to be seen, but there seems little doubt that the Prancing Horse's adoption of production hybrid technology is about to gather pace.
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