New Brabus SUV gets 650bhp

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New Brabus SUV gets 650bhp

Ask anyone with a passing interest in cars to come up with the name of a Mercedes-Benz tuner and they will almost certainly mention AMG, the manufacturer's own performance division. Ask someone unfathomably rich the same question, and they will say Brabus.

The German tuning firm has been turning out some of the world's most powerful cars since the late seventies. Brabus's focus has always been on horsepower, torque and luxury without compromise.

Their latest product is no exception. Brabus has breathed heavily on a Mercedes GL to produce this 650bhp leviathan.
Named the GL 63 Biturbo, the SUV gets a 6.3-litre turbocharged V8 derived from the ML 63 AMG. Thanks to Brabus-developed pistons and turbos, the engine generates 626 lb ft of torque and propels the GL 63 to 60mph in 4.7 seconds.

To cope with that power, Brabus has beefed up the car's all-wheel drive system and its 7-speed automatic gearbox. Flat out, the GL 63's considerable bulk will hit 186mph.

The extravagant theme continues inside. There's no cheap plastic in a Brabus - the tuner will coat every visible surface in leather and finish the details in whichever material you like; carbon fibre, alcantara, and wood are all on the menu. There's also an entertainment package which will liberally sprinkle flat screens around the cabin.

There is one sticking point; like all Brabuses the GL 63 Biturbo comes with a stellar price tag. It retails in the US for $518,000 - almost £322,000. A top-spec Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is currently £91,623.

So here's the Autoblog UK challenge - what would you buy for Brabus money?

We'd get a Ferrari 458 Italia (£169,545), a Range Rover 3.6 TDV8 (£77,335), a Lotus Evora (£49,875) and a Ford Focus RS (£27,575). That comes to a cool £319,530. The remaining £2465 we'd use for fuel. That should see us through a weekend.

Let us know your choices in the comment boxes below.
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