Long term test: Ford Focus RS final report

Jay Nagley

The office is in mourning. There is no Frozen White Focus RS parked outside to tempt us away from our keyboards – we only have a few pictures and memories to remember it by.

The Focus RS was one of the most talked about cars of 2009, both in motoring magazines and on the street (people walked straight past supercars to look at our RS). Because of its popularity, some publications stirred up a bit of fake controversy – putting it on the cover as the best fast hatch one week, and then having it beaten in a comparison test the next.

So let's get this straight. The Focus is the best performance hatchback we have ever driven. Not because it is the fastest (although at 163 mph, it is plenty quick enough ) or because it has the strongest roadholding (the Megane R26R would probably rush around corners slightly quicker on its semi-slick tyres). It is the best because its breadth of abilities is unmatched.