First drive: Fiat Punto Evo

If you see the word 'Evo' attached to a car's boot, you might well expect to be looking at an outrageously fast Mitsubishi Lancer. 'Evo' has long been a performance badge, but that hasn't stopped Fiat seizing it to describe the latest generation of its Punto supermini.

So this is not the result of a partnership with Mitsubishi and 'Evo' is not Fiat's new performance arm– that remains Abarth. Instead, 'Evo' simply signals that Fiat has updated and upgraded its popular supermini.

There is a new look of sorts, the Punto now sharing a few design elements with its baby brother the 500. The front end is where this is most evident, the two cars both featuring what Fiat calls a 'moustache' above the front grille, which is fashioned from chrome. But beyond this new front end and a redesigned back bumper, there is little that has changed in terms of looks.