Average speed cameras could feature on all motorways

A government watchdog has called on ministers to install average speed cameras on every motorway throughout the country in an attempt to cut vehicle emissions.

The Sustainable Development Commission claims that motorists sticking to the 70mph national speed limit will result in a reduction of 1.4million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The Commission also says that Department for Transport data shows that 52% of drivers currently do not obey the speed limit laws.

As well as encouraging environmentally-friendly driving, the Commission insists the average speed cameras would result in safer roads as drivers would not jam on their brakes in the same way they do for individual cameras.
At the moment the cameras are in permanent use on several stretches of the UK's motorways, including parts of the M25 and the M1, and temporary use at stretches where roadworks are taking place.

The Home Office has already approved the use of average speed cameras in urban areas last year, and now the Commission has encouraged the government to introduce them on a wider basis. London mayor Boris Johnson has recently announced funding will be given to introduce average speed cameras on a 7.5mile stretch of the A13 in east London.

The Sustainable Development Commission has also called for more trials on technology that would automatically recognise a road's speed limit and control a vehicle's speed.
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