Winter skin and hair problems

Candy Bellinger

In the wintry months the cold and wind can devastate your hair and skin. But there are things you can do to fight back!

Top winter skin and hair problems:

  1. Treating dry skin

  2. Face cream for dry skin

  3. Hair mask for dry hair

  4. Dry hair and scalp

  5. Sensitive skin

  6. How to exfoliate

  7. Dry oily skin

  8. Treatment for dry hair

  9. Aloe vera dry skin

  10. Dry facial skin

To protect your skin consider changing your moisturiser. Central heating and cold winds can chap and dehydrate the skin, so opt for a cream that's a bit heavier than your normal one for winter. However, make sure it still has sun-protection as the light in winter can reflect off the snow, causing skin damage. And if you're prone to break-outs make sure it suits combination/oily skin.

As well as moisturising, brush and exfoliate. Your skin will be dried-out, and some body-brushing (use a brush specifically for this purpose on dry skin) will soon have you glowing again.

For your hair, cover it up when you're out and about. The cold and wind can make it dry-out (or even cause it to break), so invest in a bobble hat or two.

Make sure you condition your hair regularly, and consider not washing it as often as you do in summer (if your style can stand it). Serums are another product that you can use in your hair to keep it supple.

But to keep the outside looking good, you need to start on the inside. Eat plenty of antioxidants (lots of fruit and veg) and have healthy oils in your diet (olive oil, avocados, salmon). It will all help to keep your skin and hair radiant.

How does your hair and skin react in winter? Swap tips on how to make them look better.