Peugeot releases SR1 video

Nic Cackett

Peugeot has released a promotional film showcasing its new SR1 concept.

The good-looking roadster is a hybrid three-seater that previews Peugeot's new design language, and is the tip of the spear in a larger campaign to sharpen the manufacturer's brand image.

The SR1 gets a small-capacity 240bhp petrol engine to drive the front wheels, and an electrically driven rear axle which is said to add 80bhp.

The mechanical elements are less important than the car's visual flair, though. The video treats the SR1 to some slick CGI action, and emphasises the clean lines of its well-proportioned design.

Take a good look at the car's nose too – with the shark-mouth grille finally banished from Peugeot's sketch book, expect to see subsequent models influenced by the SR1's aggressive pout.