New car CO2 emissions falling fast

Average new car carbon dioxide emissions are falling thanks to the scrappage scheme, says leading environmental website

Emissions from new cars went down by 5.6 percent during 2009 compared with 2008, with the average car sold in the UK now putting out 149.8g/km CO2.

Two manufacturers - Toyota and Fiat - have already squeezed their range average below the EU target of 130g/km, while Mini is in third place with 131g/km.
Other car companies worthy of mention include Hyundai, which now has the fourth-lowest average CO2 figure (down by 9.9% in one year) and Suzuki (down by 11.4%) and now in eighth place overall.

But it's Ford that has made the dramatic reduction in terms of absolute tonnes of CO2 saved, with just over 30,000 tonnes saved in 2009.

The improvements may not be consistent though, warns Cleangreencars. "There was a very sharp drop in 2009 because the scrappage incentive encouraged buyers to move to smaller cars," says publisher Jay Nagley.

"We calculate that half the 2009 improvement was due to the scrappage scheme alone. In 2010 car manufacturers are going to have to improve the performance of their cars markedly if they are to record any further reduction in overall CO2."
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