Scrap your old boiler

Following on from the success of the car scrappage scheme, the government has introduced a similar program to upgrade inefficient boilers. Households across the country will receive a cash incentive to upgrade their existing systems, saving money and cutting emissions.

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Find out who qualifies, how much you could get and the advantages of the scheme...

Cash Incentive
The scheme is designed to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their heating and hot water systems by receiving £400.00 towards the supply-and-fit of a brand new boiler when scrapping their old one.

Who Qualifies?
If you have an old boiler you may qualify. The government is looking at replacing those classed as G-rated. There are an estimated 4.5 million of these across the UK. Check to see if your boiler was fitted more than 15 years ago. Has it got a permanent pilot light? If you are under 60, the boiler needs to be in working order and the main source of heat for the home. Those over 60 can apply for the scheme whether the boiler works or not. However, it still needs to be the main boiler used to heat the home. Visit the Energy Savings Trust to find out more.

Industry Boost
The heating sector, including boiler manufacturers and plumbers, could benefit by as much as £300 million. The Government will also benefit due to revenue generated from VAT.

It is estimated that there are enough funds in the scheme to help 125, 000 homes. These households could make savings of around £235.00 a year on gas bills.

Energy Efficient
The government estimates that inefficient gas boilers contribute around 60% of the carbon emissions from UK households. That means the scheme could cut carbon emissions by up 1.26 tonnes per home per year. It is also hoped the scheme will provide a much needed boost to the economy, securing thousands of jobs. Visit the Department of Energy and Climate Change to find out more.

While this seems a very noble idea, do you think the scheme will really be helpful? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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