New Year - new career?

Candy Bellinger

There's no better time than the start of a new year to find yourself a new career. Competition is stiff and landing a new role won't be easy. So what can you do to give yourself an edge?

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When it comes to writing CVs it's advisable to keep it concise. Don't use more than two pages if you can help it. Put the most recent work experience first and concentrate on projects and achievements rather than a list of duties. Make sure your sections are clearly titled, you don't want an employer to have search for information. It's usually best to put you employment history first, particularly if you have some relevant experience.

Covering letter
Give your covering letter plenty of attention. Look at the key words and phrases used in the job description/advert and use these in your letter.

Job application
Some jobs may require you to fill in a job application. Make sure you read the whole document thoroughly before making a start. Print off two copies in case of mistakes. Use black or blue ink and write clearly. Don't rely on a spell-check, proof read thoroughly and get someone to check it before sending. Keep a copy so you know what you have written when it's time to attend the interview!

Should you be successful and get an interview there are a few things to remember. Research the company or organisation so you can ask relevant questions during the interview. This helps you to feel less stressed while impressing the employer with your interest in the job. At the end of the interview take the opportunity to ask about salary and career advancement.

Dress accordingly
Judge for yourself what kind of company it is. For men, a dark coloured suit is best with plain shirt and tie. For women, a business suit may be the best option. Remember to keep jewellery and make-up modest - and don't risk sky-high heels unless you're an expert at walking in them.