American ingenuity alive and well

Nic Cackett

Ever wondered what pure, distilled genius looks like?

Lux Performance, an American race team, used its spare time to build a mobility scooter capable of 46mph. They dubbed it the Crippler.

With three wheels, an upright seat and little handlebars, the Crippler might still have the profile of a pensioner's scooter, but beneath the humble body beats the 48V heart of an Etek electric motor.

Fuelled by 20amp lead acid batteries, the 58kg Crippler has a 15 mile range if you keep it to a steady 12mph, but apparently that will drop to 3 miles if you give it the beans.

Lux's mechanics have drifted, jumped and wheeled the Crippler around some of America's finest pitlanes; they've even got the scars to show for it.

See for yourself...