Ferrari's Enzo gets the Gemballa treatment

Tom Webster

Tuning company Gemballa, famous for modifying Porsches, has created a limited edition of the Ferrari Enzo called the Gembella MIG-U1 that offers 691bhp, an increase over the standard car's 650bhp.

This is the first time the Germany-based company has turned its attentions to anything other than Porsches.

Gemballa has focussed heavily on the aerodynamics of the MIG-U1. Newly designed front and rear spoilers account for 35 and 85 kilos of extra downforce respectively, with the rear one automatically lowering itself when the car reaches 74.5mph.

Other gizmos include a hydraulic system to raise and lower the front of the car by 45mm to navigate obstacles without damaging the bodywork.

The MIG-U1 doesn't look as radically different from the original car as some of Gemballa's other creations do, but it does boast a brand new interior featuring custom-made steering wheel, control centre and seats.

But if you are hankering after a truly in-your-face version, we reckon the 'Shock Green' option would be the best bet. You'd need to be quick though, as the MIG-U1 Enzo is limited to a run of just 25 cars.