MoT failure rates revealed

Richard Bremner

Data gathered under the freedom of information act has uncovered the MoT failure rates for a variety of popular cars in the UK.

It reveals the highest failure rate for models first registered in 2004 and tested in 2007 was suffered by the Ford Transit Connect with a 30.5percent failure rate, followed by the Renault Megane (28.1 percent) with the bigger Transit coming third with a 26.3percent failure rate.

Given that these are hard-working fleet vehicles that are quite likely to have been abused this is not so surprising, but the Megane's second place position is further proof that Renaults from this era suffer below average reliability, especially as a large proportion of Meganes are privately owned and likely to be better cared for.

The data, held by VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) was requested by the BBC's Martin Rosenbaum as long ago as July 2008, the agency's initial refusal to disclose it overturned by the information commissioner.