Don't drive on January 18th!

Claire Edwards

Despite the snow, ice and generally treacherous driving conditions it seems that the worst day for driving has yet to come according to Saga.

Apparently, the day for staying under the duvet - particularly if you're over the age of 50 – is January 18. A massive 19 percent more insurance claims are made on this particular day each year, regardless of the weather, and this has seen more accidents occur involving over 50's than any other day of the year since 2005.

Most claims made involve hitting stationary objects - walls, parked cars and so on – which Saga customers believe is down to the longer hours of darkness during winter.

Unsurprisingly, nine out of the ten worst driving days fall in the winter months. But the good news it that we've already got the second worst driving day out of the way for another year - the 19 December. Phew!