Audi drip-feeds A1 details

Rather than just come straight out and tell us what it's going to be like, Audi has released another snippet of information as it continues the drip-feed of details about its new A1 supermini.

Apparently the new car will share technology and details with the new A3 and A8, including features such as a stop-start system, brake energy recuperation and a range of 'state-of-the-art-engines'.

But if that isn't enough, the brand has released a video of Audi board member Peter Schwarzenbauer saying how he wants to sell the car to young people and attract new buyers. Filming a slightly dull video in a trendy-looking bar is presumably part of this.

This teasing is likely to continue, with Audi promising no less than 10 press releases before the A1 finally makes its online debut in February and another seven before it appears at the Geneva motor show.

The one we are really looking forward to is the 'Driving Experience: Test drive with Bayern Munich stars'. If you aren't bored with it already that is.