Something for the weekend?

Caterhams are fantastic cars. Each one is an exciting, open-topped ode to the romance of driving. The open road, sunshine and machine don't seem to go together any better than in Caterham's 21st century interpretation of Chapman's Seven.

The downside is that most of Caterham's owners are slaves to the weather. Driving a Seven in the wet is epic fun, but hardly something you'd want to do every weekend. A Caterham needs the summer sun and coastal road to excel.

No doubt aware of this fact, the sports car maker has come up with the perfect solution. It's got Sunseeker International to build a luxury super yacht around the car. The result is a £7.1m garage capable of docking at any of the continent's most glamorous harbours.

The Predator 108 Special Edition made its debut at the London Boat Show. Capable of 34 knots, Sunseeker insists the yacht is one of the most agile crafts in its current range.

Apparently the Caterham was installed in the onboard garage to emphasise the Predator's performance credentials, but we can't think of a better way of transporting your £12,995 Seven to the kind of roads that really bring out the best in the car's character.
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