Audi unveils smaller, lighter E-tron at Detroit

Claire Edwards

Audi has revealed a smaller version of its all-electric E-tron sports car concept, which first appeared at the Frankfurt motor show last year.

At just 3.93m long this version of the E-tron is actually smaller than an Audi TT, but like the original E-tron it has been built around an aluminium space frame with carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic body panels to keep weight down.

It's powered by twin motors producing 204bhp and 1954lb ft torque propelling it from 0-62mph in around 5.9 seconds with a limited top speed of 124mph to conserve the battery. This particular version is also rear-wheel drive compared with the original E-tron's all-wheel drive.

Audi claims this E-tron should be good for a range of 155 miles and charging will take around 11 hours from a domestic socket.

It certainly looks good, and here at Autoblog we hope they decide to make it – with or without electric power.