January Sales - highstreet vs online

The New Year sales begin earlier every year. This year they started on Christmas Eve, with retailers hoping to tempt cash-strapped shoppers, but are there still any bargains to be had? The shrewd shoppers will bide their time as retailers continue to slash prices well into the middle of January.

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Big stores, such as Debenhams, House of Frasier and Marks and Spencers, have reported stronger than expected gift card sales (up by 16.5% on last year) and will be hoping to encourage shoppers to spend their vouchers on home accessories and cheap electronic goods.

Both online and high street retailers are moving away from offering price cuts on gifts and clothes to household goods - which is great if you're hoping to pick up a reduced washing machine or TV set.

Online retailers Dixons has some great offers (and claims it is able to undercut Currys and Comet as it has no stores to run, so have fewer overheads). They also promise to price-match their competitors' sale prices, so it's worth checking out their site before you hand over cash on the high street.

As ever, the best bargains are to be found online. If you know what you're looking for, the best thing is to go to one of the leading price comparison sites.

Web comparison site Kelkoo say New Year spending is up by 1.5 per cent on last year's figures - and predicts that shoppers will spend £236.00 each in the sales. With some great bargains out there, now could be the best time to buy.
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