Jaguar motorbike takes to the road

Nic Cackett

It's a hard-hearted petrolhead who doesn't hold some affection for Jaguar's cars. Whether it's the XK120, the E-Type or even the XJ220 that makes you misty, there's no doubt the brand's big-cat emblem has graced some of the finest machinery England has produced.

So it's hard to know what to make of this particular enthusiast's tribute to the legendary car maker.

Pictures of the Jaguar motorcycle emerged last year when it was being built. It was hard to deny that the machine had a brazen presence and hard-edged craziness that made it look great sitting stationary on a garage floor.

But now the thing is finished and on the road. With a man on top.

Unfortunately, the precise moment the big cat is 'mounted' is the same moment when all of the design's initial elegance evaporates. We are left with a large man perched on the rear end of deeply cherished motoring icon.

See for yourself...