First drive: Renault Megane Coupe 1.4 TCe

Nic Cackett

It was only a matter of time before Renault's impressive 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine found its way into the Megane Coupe. The 128bhp TCe 130 lump spent last year making better cars of the Grand Scenic and the Megane Hatchback, so has it worked again here?

Well, the new engine certainly slots nicely into the Megane Coupe range. Renault has given it a price tag of £18,035, which is more than the 110bhp 1.6 VVT (presumably on grounds of better performance and lower fuel consumption) but below the 2.0 TCe, and the inevitably pricier diesels.

Renault's bold claim that the 1.4 TCe feels like a larger engine is not unfounded. Were it not for the distinctive whine of a small capacity four-cylinder motor, you'd swear the Megane's performance was the result of a 2.0-litre lump.

The secret of the 1.4 TCe's success is the availability of its 140lb ft of torque. The Megane feels brisk even at low-revs, making progress around town easy and it's equally as impressive on the motorway, where it takes a while to get used to the push available even in the highest available ratio.