Aston Martin not interested in hybrids

Nic Cackett

Aston Martin has no plans to introduce hybrids because none of the existing technology is in keeping with the character of the brand's premium sports cars, according to boss Dr Ulrich Bez.

Despite moves by BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and even Ferrari to incorporate electric motors into their cars, it would seem that Aston Martin is content with performance of the conventional internal combustion engine.

Bez told Auto Telegraaf that he had not ruled out a hybrid system for Lagonda, the luxury saloon brand that Aston wants to re-launch in the next three years. He's also contemplating a fully electric version of the iQ-based Cygnet.

Lagonda's SUV concept which was based on the Mercedes GL and made its debut at the Geneva motor show in 2008, was powered by a V12 engine, but the sheer size of the SUV design would make a petrol-electric drivetrain a more attractive prospect.

Until now Lagonda's revival was thought to have stalled indefinitely - whether Bez's comments to Auto Telegraaf constitute a new strategy remains to be seen, but it does seem certain that those hoping to lower their carbon footprint in an Aston Martin will have to settle for a Cygnet.