New Year detox tips

If your waistline has expanded and your skin is spotty from too many mince pies and litres of wine over Christmas, don't give up hope. January is a great month to put it all right. See below for a few detox tips to get yourself raring for action again.

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Give up the booze
You know you can do it, just for one month. Alcohol is full of empty calories, and if you cut it out all together for a short time your liver (and bank balance) will thank you.

Watch what you eat
It doesn't have to be excessive, but a few simple changes will work wonders. Avoid cakes and pastries, and no fizzy drinks. Try to eat organically, and have a rainbow selection (different varieties and colours) of fruit and vegetables. If you want to try anything drastic (such as eating only raw food or guzzling water and lemon juice for a couple of days) it's always best to check with your GP first. Crash diets don't just make you feel cranky, they can be dangerous.

Get out and about
If you exercise, you'll soon start to feel better. But make sure you choose something that motivates you, there's no point in being tied to an expensive gym membership if you only go once a month. You could even go for long walks in the country - get away from the central heating and get some fresh air and your skin will be glowing in no time.

Sleep soundly
It may be obvious, but in today's time-starved society it's something a lot of us miss out on. Plus, if you don't get enough sleep during the working week you build up a sleep debt, and by the weekend you're miserable and want a long lie-in. Work out what your body really needs, then try to stick to it, and make sure your bedroom is a place of relaxation, not a place to finish your work projects.

Are there any detox tips you find work for you? Tell others all about it.
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