Look hot this winter - on a budget

Maya Driver

If the credit crunch is biting at your heels and you're feeling the pinch and not just the cold, there are a few options to consider. Have a look at some suggestions to ease the strain on your wallet.

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Start by looking in all the high-street shops as fashion has become disposable. Even full-price ranges can offer you a few outfits to clothe you in style. From Primark to Hennes most big stores have outfits that are up to the minute but will see you through the winter months and parties ahead.

The Japanese clothing store UNIQLO has a wide-selection of woolies to keep you warm. And if you want a bit of quality it even has a cashmere selection at discount prices.

If it's designer garb you're after, you can't go wrong with TK Maxx. They have a wide selection of gear at knock-down prices, from handbags to skiwear, and you can now buy designer beauty products online and not just in-store.

However, if you want to get even more creative how about throwing a clothes-swap party? All you need are some willing friends and some nibbles and booze. Not only do you get some new outfits, you get to socialise on the cheap at the same time.

Got any tips on where to get the best gear? Tell others all about it.