Cars of the Decade - 2010

Jay Nagley


Official Winner: VW Polo

Autoblog winner: Toyota iQ

When VW announced the new Polo at the Geneva Motorshow, it described it as "the best small car in the world". Although COTY appears to agree we would beg to differ. It is possibly the most grown-up and refined small car in the world, but it is dull, dull, dull. The Polo does have one unexpected advantage though: right now it is about 10% cheaper than the Ford, which must be a first for VW.
Instead, we would go for the radical packaging of the iQ (runner up in the COTY vote). It is not perfect, but it is genuinely innovative and interesting, which makes it the anti-Polo. We don't even reckon the Polo is the best VW product this year. The new Skoda Yeti, with its Audi-esque interior quality and state-of-the-art Haldex 4wd system is a brilliant little car. The 2wd base version with its 1.2 litre 105 bhp engine is preferable to an equivalent Polo.