Autoblog UK's Car of the Decade

Jay Nagley

And the winner is....

Ford Fiesta (2009)

Fittingly, given our view of COTY, this never won (losing by one point thanks to one very determined judge). However, we think it is the design from the last 10 years that best points forward to the next decade.

Firstly, as a car to drive it covers all the bases: of all the cars in its class, it has the best balance of ride and handling, the best styling both inside and out, strong engines and the option of the most economical unit in the segment – the 98 g/km 1.6 Econetic.

Secondly, it is intended as the car that rescues Ford in the USA – Ford in America is turning to Europe for small cars and the Fiesta will be made and sold over there. Ford thinks it can convert a lot of Americans to the joys of a well-designed, good handling small European design. If the plan works, it would represent one of the most significant shifts in the car market in decades.