Keep safe over Christmas

Maya Driver

It's not just the office groper you need to be afraid of at Christmas-time, there are other things you need to consider to keep you in one piece. Have a read-through a selection below.

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Watch your drinking
Think you're invincible after a few drinks? Join the Christmas club. Lots of booze can cause you lots of side effects, not just a hangover. Watch your alcohol intake, you're more likely to take risks you normally wouldn't, such as tottering off down a dark street or thinking it "funny" to climb over a 10 feet wall. And spending the early hours in a local casualty department is never full of Christmas cheer. And remember, if you do drink too much, and spend the night with someone you've just met, make sure you use protection. You don't want to get any unwanted gifts and have to start the New Year with a trip to the local STD clinic.

Plan ahead
After a big night out, know how you'll get home. Trying to get a cab on your own when drunk in a glittery party dress is not a good idea. And never get into unlicensed mini cabs.

Your home
Christmas is rich pickings for burglars. Try not to tempt them by keeping your presents under your tree for days on end, bring them out at the last minute. Also, if you're going away, make sure all your doors and windows are secure, and ideally ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property for you.

Again, watch the booze, ideally do not drink at all. At Christmas the police are out in force to get those who are stupid enough to drink and drive. And do you really want to ruin not just Christmas but also the life of someone else if you crash?

Also, make sure you don't get too tired when on the road. Auntie Mavis would rather you got there in one piece than risk an epic journey as you "just have to see her". Be certain you've had enough rest and aren't drunk from the previous night before setting-off.

How do you stay safe at Christmas? Tell others all about it.