Top hangover cures

Maya Driver

It's that time of year again. No, not Christmas-time, hangover hell time. Here are a few tips to help you avoid a banging headache the day after the night before.

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Don't get one
The best way to avoid suffering is to not get a hangover to begin with. But this doesn't mean you have to totally abstain, just be canny. Always drink on a full stomach, don't start too early, and try to have the odd soft drink along with the champagne cocktails.

Drink savvy

Certain drinks like whisky and Belgian beers are guaranteed to give you a banging headache if over-consumed. So as a general rule, don't drink too many dark-coloured beverages, stick to clearer spirits such as vodka and gin.

Act like a camel and top up your supplies. Drink a huge glass before going to bed, and make sure you take constant sips the next morning.

The old fall back, a coffee, may help speed up your recovery as it can jolt you awake. But it's a bit of a fallacy as it can dehydrate you, so make sure you follow the advice above on also drinking water.

Milk thistle
A herbal remedy that's gained in popularity, it's a liver tonic that's meant to help protect you from the effects of alcohol. Conventional medicine is still undecided on the benefits of milk thistle, but as it can't cause you harm it's worth trying combined with water to re-hydrate you.

A traditional hangover cure is the prairie oyster, a raw egg with Worcestershire sauce swallowed whole. You can add vodka but that's kind of defeating the point. If the thought of that hangover "cure" is enough to make you feel ill, then perhaps you should follow the more traditional route. Go for your eggs cooked, as part of a full English breakfast.

Hair of the dog

This is one hangover cure we won't be advocating. It may stop you having the shakes, but it's a sign of alcoholism (and if you're not one already you soon will be if you start doing this). Leave the booze alone and let your body fully recover before starting again.

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