Get creative with Christmas leftovers

Candy Bellinger

Okay, it may be the credit crunch but there's one money-saving trick that's always a Christmas tradition. Yup, it's Christmas leftover time. Here are a few suggestions with what to do with the remains of your Christmas feast.

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If you had a big cooked salmon over the Christmas period there is plenty you can do with what's left. Such as cold salmon with mayonnaise, or pasta with a creamy salmon sauce. Here's a salmon and mayonnaise dish with a twist.

Can be used in a variety of ways, from cooked pies to being sliced cold like salmon. Or what about baking a scrumptious pie using leftover ham? Guaranteed to get your mouth watering if you're sick of too much turkey.

From sandwiches to curries, this not so humble-bird can be used for lots of different dishes. Just remember to follow guidelines on how to safely cook and store it. Try turkey fajitas for a different Christmas treat.

Bubble and Squeak
This classic British dish doesn't always need mashed potatoes, leftover roasties will also do the trick. Bubble and squeak makes a nice little snack, or can be done for breakfast with an egg or two. Check this out for an easy recipe.

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