Will it be a white Christmas?

Every year, millions of kids (and adults) have their noses pressed against the window-panes as they pray for a "White Christmas."

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Snowy weather has echoes of Christmases gone-by, and we still send Christmas cards with winter-wonderland scenes as we hope for that fairytale scenario. But what are the chances there will actually be one? Erm, not that much. December is actually the start of the UK winter season, with January and February being the coldest months.

Plus, the UK winter is getting milder and wetter due to climate change. The last official white Christmas was in 2004, with widespread snow across the British Isles.

However, that won't stop kids wishing for a white Christmas for 2009, so keep an eye on the Met Office and on AOL Weather to see if their wishes come true.

Have you had a memorable snowy Christmas Day? Do you know the best places to go for a guaranteed white Christmas? Leave a comment and share your ideas.
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