Subaru has doubts over rear-wheel drive Toyobaru

A Subaru spokesman has expressed concerns about the affect the rear-wheel drive Toyobaru project could have on the company's image in the American market.

Subaru spokesperson Michael McHale told Wards Auto, "We're an all-wheel drive brand." However he went on to say that: "If it doesn't affect the core of the brand, maybe we'd bring it in as an interesting option."

Should Subaru decide not to sell the car in America then it could have a knock on influence on the project elsewhere in the world as it has been all but assumed that the Toyobaru would be sold outside of the Japanese market.

If earlier reports are any indication, offering an all-wheel drive coupe could be a possibility given the car's underpinnings. If the car was sold just as a rear-wheel drive then McHale hopes consumers can, "forgive us a one-off exception." The problem would be less in the UK where Subaru has already sold cars without four-wheel drive – the Justy.

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