New pictures of Aston Martin Cygnet

Aston Martin has released new images of its Cygnet city car; these are the biggest indication yet of how the final production version may look.

The sudio photos show more details than the clay model photo released previously, including how Aston has incorporated its trademark grille and its own rear lights and door handles into the original Toyota iQ. The Cygnet uses the same mechanicals as the iQ but it runs on different wheels and tyres. It's also expected to get the higher powered 1.3-litre engine from the iQ range.

The Cygnet's interior is also similar in design to the iQ but has been upgraded with plenty of leather and high quality materials to give it a more luxurious feel than its Toyota sibling.

At the moment Aston says the Cygnet remains under development with the aim of launching the production version before the end of next year. It is to be built at Gaydon using imported Japanese-built iQ's, and will be offered only to buyers of Aston Martins. Apart from improving the company's profitability, which has taken a battering in the downturn, the Cygnet will also dramatically lower Aston Martin's range-average CO2 emissions figure.

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