2010 Ford S-Max and Galaxy get greener engines

Tom Webster

Ford has revised the ranges of its two largest people carriers the S-Max and Galaxy.

The two are the first Fords to get a new 2.0-litre 200bhp Ecoboost petrol engine that offers 25 percent more power than the old 2.3-litre version and is 2.0 seconds quicker to 62mph, but reduces CO2 emissions by 19 percent to 189g/km.

There are now three versions of the 2.0-litre diesel also – a 113bhp and 161bhp option join the existing 138bhp version. Performance figures will not be available until the New Year, but they are expected to be largely unchanged from the same engines in the Mondeo – meaning average fuel economy of around 45 to 55mpg.

There is little in the way of cosmetic alterations to the S-Max or Galaxy but both models will offer new tech including a blind spot warning system, a keyless entry system and a function that allows drivers to limit the car's speed.

Ford has said it hopes the price rises it has had to make over the last year are at an end so both models should stay at a similar price level.