Gadget gifts: The Stig torch

Some say he eats batteries and has lightbulbs for eyes; some say the light shines out of his head, not his... oh, never mind, just check out this cool torch!

If you're a fan of BBC's Top Gear, and let's face it there are quite a few of them about, you'll know this white-suited character as The Stig, the programme's fearless racing driver tasked with setting the fastest lap times in supercar exotica.

The cult figure has spawned a huge amount of merchandise over the years, and this is the latest – a torch you can put on your car keys. Simply press the button on his back and light shines out of his head. Whether this happens in real life is unknown, but quite possible.

The Stig (torch version) requires three batteries to work, but you'll be pleased to hear these are included.

Price: £7.99


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