Planning your christmas journey

Candy Bellinger

It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid... well actually there is, if you've left your Christmas travel-planning to the last minute. Long journeys by train and road are never good at the best of times, here's an update and some tips to help you get there over the Christmas season.

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Make sure you pre-book your ticket. Even if you've left it late and can't save money, it's still worth doing to reserve a seat. Go the National Rail Enquiries for further information on Christmas travel and the services the train operators are providing for Christmas 2009.

Avoid Christmas Eve journeys if at all possible. You, along with a million others will have left work early and decided to go cross-country at the same time. Either set off very early (as in 8am or before) or leave it until Christmas Day itself. You could always persuade Grandma to start the Christmas cooking without you. Check out the AOL driving directions to help you plan your route.

Ah, the fallback of students and the cash-strapped everywhere. This year, most of us will be watching the pennies, so the National Express could be even busier than usual. Like car journeys, try to avoid last-minute Christmas Eve trips. Also, as there won't be any coaches on Christmas Day you'll need to find out when the last coaches are. The National Express website should be able to give you all the advice you need.

Have you ever had a nightmare Christmas journey? Talk about it with others...