Brake assist systems to become mandatory under new 2011 EU regulations

From Febuary 2011 brake assist systems will become mandatory on all newly registered cars and light commercial vehicles in the EU.

The new regulation is part of a bid by the EU to improve pedestrian safety. The brake assist systems are in place to aid the driver and help to keep the car under control in emergency braking situations.

Studies have suggested that 1,100 fatal accidents involving pedestrians could be avoided if all cars had the system in place.

There are already several developments of basic brake assist systems available in new cars, including those using laser technologies to detect obstacles ahead.

The new EU directive will no only see brake assist become mandatory but also will see stricter guidelines with regards to bumpers and front protection systems on cars.

Also from November 2015 commercial vehicles will also have to be equipped with advanced emergency braking systems as well as lane departure warning systems.

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