Would you spend 100k on a registration plate? Some people do.

Barbara Fieschi

A 24-year-old man has paid £100,000 to buy the registration plate '6 O' at the DVLA's latest auction of private registrations.
It's not Ghanim al-Hadaifi's first private plate, he's already spent £146,000 this year buying the registrations '4 O' and '5 O', although he purchased the latter as a gift for the Qatari royal family.Series has raised £666,560

The 'O' series of two-character registrations has not previously been issued, and the DVLA has already earned a total of £666,560 selling the first six digits in the series. '1 O' sold for £210,000 in January and '2 O' raised £142,000 in March.
Ghanim al-Hadaifi's spokesman said: 'Money is not really an issue, he just wants the best registrations he can have for his cars.

'He already has his sights set on numerous others, which we hope will be auctioned next year.'
The most expensive registration sold this year was '1 D', which raised £352,000 at auction. All money raised from the sale of private registrations goes to the UK Treasury.