Premium for Italia 458

James Baggott

Prestige car dealer Clive Sutton says the Ferrari 458 Italia is already commanding a premium of £30k over list price before it even hits the streets.The London-based trader says he has a bank of clients ready and waiting to pay over the odds for an early 2010 order for the new supercar.

"The problem is there are a lot of buyers out there that are bored," Sutton explained. "The F430 is relatively old now, and there are buyers in DB9s and Bentley Continental GTs that want a change.

"The problem is getting hold of an order. Some buyers might think they're first on the list at their dealership but in terms of where they are in that list across the country can be very different."

Sutton says the new 458 is a 'stunning car' and that Ferrari is one of the most emotive brands he sells from his St John's Wood showroom.