Hammond's latest brush with Grim Reaper

It's one extreme to another with Top Gear star Richard Hammond. If he's not cheating death at 280mph on an airfield, he's narrowly avoiding a sticky end thanks to a spider.

The Hamster's latest escapade was on the appropriately-named 'Road of Death ' in Bolivia. A spider landed in Hammond's lap scaring the poor fellow witless and making him lose control of his car just over a 12,000ft drop.

"I thought I was going to die" he said.

Thankfully he managed to regain control of the vehicle much to his and his equally-horrified fellow presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May's relief.

The accident prone presenter has already been injured three times this year, falling off a horse last January, being involved in a four-car pile up in August and injuring his ankle when running last month.

Of course, those are minor calamities for the accident-prone Hammond whose most famous moment came in 2006 when he discovered just how dangerous a jet engine up your rear end can really be.

Watch the video: