How to pack for your holiday

Many people will be travelling over Christmas to visit relations, to go home or to get away on a lovely holiday, and with all the shopping, journey planning, ticket booking and present wrapping to be done, there's little time to think about packing your luggage. So when you come to do it, you squash as much as you can into a case. But if you want to keep your presents intact this year, check out our packing tips.

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Firstly work out what your essential items are. These will be underwear and clothes (warm items for cold weather, shorts and t-shirts for tropical holidays!), toothbrush and toiletries (don't go crazy with these as you can usually buy them wherever you are going) and of course Christmas presents.

A good way to pack your crease-resistant clothes, such as t-shirts, is to roll them up tightly and use them to pad out the corners of your case. If you really want to keep creases out of certain items, layer them with tissue paper. Also, try packing clothes inside out so that creases that do form will be reversed and so less visible.

Any toiletries you take should be put in plastic bags to avoid leakages. Likewise pack your shoes in plastic bags. Don't take too many spare shoes and you should wear your heavier shoes and keep lighter shoes in the case. If you must pack sturdier shoes then stuff socks inside them to save some space.

To be really organised, use a packing list. If you're too busy to write one yourself you can easily find one online and cross off any items you don't need. Take the list with you when you travel so you can check if you have lost any items along the way. Finally, make sure you have plenty of room for the presents! Wrap them carefully to avoid breakages that could spoil Christmas Day.

Do you have any packing tips to share? If so, leave a comment and pass on your tips and advice.
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