Let Snoop Dogg guide you home

Sat nav celebrity voiceovers are not a new thing. We've already had Homer Simpson, and Kim Catrall – the promiscuous blonde one from Sex and the City – offering their voices to help direct, or distract (in the case of Ms Catrall), drivers on their way home.

Now you can be guided home by US rapper Snoop Dogg.

With typical Snoop disregard for authority and his laid back dope-smoking ways, the Snoop sat nav comes out with gems such as, "Yo homies, get yo' ass on the right side of the road", and, "who put dat concrete donut in the middle of the damn boolevard?".

He'll even warn you about speed cameras; "that traffic cop paparazzo bullsh*t" and if you make a wrong turn, "Dude, you are in the wrong hood!"

The only real question is whether your 'ride' is pimpin' enough.

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