Government plans drink-drive shake-up

With Christmas fast approaching, the Government will be stepping up its drink-drive campaign once again. But should Transport Secretary Lord Adonis have his way, just one drink could soon push you over the limit. Mounting pressure to fall in line with other EU countries could mean that the legal limit drops from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg.

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The current limit amounts to a pint and a half of normal strength lager for the average height man, but the suggested 50mg limit would mean just one pint or a large glass of wine will have you in trouble. But Sir Peter North QC, who is advising on the case for change, will also be considering a softer penalty for those found over the new limit. At present drink-driving results in an automatic 12-month ban, but Sir Peter has the power to recommend six points on your licence instead.

Drink driving was responsible for 430 road deaths last year but road safety campaigners estimate that a further 50 lives could be saved with the possible lower limit. The proposals are not going down well with the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Association, however. Chief executive Tony Payne told The Telegraph: "We will fight this very, very strongly. This will penalise responsible people because of the behaviour of some idiots."

But what do you think? Will the lower limit put you off a trip to the local or do you support a new drink drive limit? And of course the big question is, will it stop those who already risk drinking and driving?
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