Nissan GT-R SpecV heading for UK

Nissan has confirmed that the GT-R SpecV will be coming to the UK. There will be just 40 examples of the GT-R SpecV available in Europe costing £124,000 each.

The SpecV is powered by the same 3.8-litre V6 as found in the standard GT-R, producing 478bhp, while torque has been increased to 448lb ft. It's a much more hardcore variant of the GT-R and strictly a two-seater with carbon fibre racing seats in the front and Bose speakers occupying the rear.

Carbon fibre can be found throughout the cabin as well as making up the rear spoiler, grille and brake ducts. Coupled with lightweight forged aluminium wheels, the SpecV weighs 60k less than the standard car.

The SpecV is available to order now from just one centre in the UK, Middlehurst Motorsport GT-R Merseyside with first deliveries beginning in April

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