Danica Patrick extends Andretti stay

Danica Patrick may not be a household name in the UK but she came to the fledgling Autoblog website's attention for the first time a few months ago when she was revealed as one of the celebrity faces in the 'Body by Milk' campaign in the United States.

Since then - and purely because of our love for all things motorsport - we've kept a close eye on the fortunes of the IndyCar Series driver and even had hopes she might be one of the drivers lined up for the USF1 team that will take its place on the 2010 grid.

Sadly for BBC viewers, that won't be happening but the IndyCar Series' most successful female driver has signed a new three-year deal with Andretti Autosport in the hope she can improve on the career-best finish of fifth place overall this season.

Patrick joined Andretti at the start of the 2007 season and became the first woman to win an IndyCar series event at the Indy Japan 300 in 2008. As well as her top five finish in the series, she also claimed a podium finish of third at this year's Indianapolis 500.

Anyway, for those unacquainted with Ms Patricks' skills and charms, here's a selection of videos and galleries.

National Mini Cooper Day
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Danica Patrick extends Andretti stay

The turnout was impressive considering the torrential rain that hung about all day.

Rare Italian-built Rover MINI Cooper rally car.

Cooper Car Company Touring Car Mini.

The display wasn't just limited to Classic Mini's, this is the BMW MINI ordered. Owner Roger Wall was also the first to own a New MINI too, as he picked it up on launch day back on 7th July 2001.

Police-spec Cooper S.

Rare Radford Cooper S hatchback.

Beautiful Stewart and Arden Minisprint GT.

Not the prettiest Cooper S, but the Ner Era Mini Cooper is distinctive.

This Mini Cooper S Traveller is one of just six produced.

This is the first-ever Cooper S converted Rover Mini Cooper RSP.

Cooper S-Converted Mini Cooper 35.

One of the Rover Mini Cooper Sportpacks.

This display didn't just feature Coopers, this is a very pretty and very early Mini Seven.

This display wasn't just for concours Coopers, this S was obviously going through a serious body restoration.

I like the simplicity of this Fiesta Yellow Cooper.

Another fine Autin Mini Cooper S.

Late Japanese -spec ERA Mini Turbo.

Pretty Surf Blue Minisprint in the concours area.

Not just for Classic Minis, check out the variety on the Surrey New MINI owners club stand.

2006 Cooper Park Lane limited edition in the '10 years of New MINI' display.

Modified 2002 Cooper in the '10 years of New MINI' display.


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