VW Amarok: What's in a Name?

Jay Nagley

Today, VW has unveiled its new pick-up truck, which is notable for two entirely unconnected reasons. Firstly, it is VW's first own-designed pick-up, as VW aims for world domination (the company is deadly serious about overtaking Toyota to take the global Number One spot).

Secondly, it is yet another VW with a daft name. Presumably the company whose first car was known by the name of an insect feels that silly names are a core value.

The Sharan was probably the best/worst example, but the Tiguan was not far behind. Amusingly VW said the Tiguan was chosen by a public vote after it put forward four other names that were even more ridiculous: Namib, Rockton, Samun and Nanuk. Presumably, "none of the above" was not on the voting paper...

On a serious note, though, VW may be doing us all a favour. Companies spend a fortune paying branding consultants to give names to their products and yet the most successful car company in the world is on a mission to show that you can give a product a name apparently chosen by the temp in the stationary office, and it does not seem to matter one bit.