Volkswagen to become F1 engine supplier?

Claire Edwards

The Volkswagen Group is said to be considering a move into Formula One, as an engine supplier.

New regulations, which will come into play in 2012, could make the idea a realistic possibility for the German carmaker.

The recent demise of Toyota, BMW and Honda F1 teams is a clear indication that most car manufacturers are moving away from the sport to cut costs: however, Volkswagen believes that the new rules actually make the sport a more attractive prospect.

Volkswagen has already said it isn't interested in becoming a partner with a team – despite being linked with Red Bull Racing a few years ago – but would be keen to supply engines, particularly if there was a 'world' engine with the potential for being used by a number of different teams.

Volkswagen Group brands already enjoy successful involvement in motorsport, with multiple Le Mans wins for Audi, WTCC titles for Seat and a Dakar victory for Volkswagen this year, while it also supplies engines to drivers in British and German F3 championships