Top Christmas presents for her

Candy Bellinger

Not sure what to buy the woman in your life this Christmas? If you want to impress her this year you had better think again if your best idea was to buy her a new vacuum cleaner or computing peripherals - unless, of course, you were about to splash the cash on the latest Mac, no one would refuse that. A little imagination is all it takes. Your mother or sister doesn't want to get a last-minute bath-set, and your dearly beloved definitely doesn't.

Top gifts for her searches:

  1. Perfume gift box

  2. Designer jewellery

  3. Wii Fit

  4. Late holiday deals

  5. Manicures

  6. Spa breaks

  7. Chocolate hamper

  8. Mumm champagne

  9. Jimmy Choos shoes

  10. Vintage clothes

Have a bit of a think about what they're really like - are they a fashionista or more at home in their scruffiest jeans - before handing over your dosh.

We're not saying they don't want cash or oodles of beauty vouchers, (Space NK would do nicely), but ideally combine them with something else. A smaller present to show someone you understand them and their tastes is always a nice touch.

Also, if you really want to impress your partner, jewellery is always a winner. But, especially if it's early days and you don't know if she's a chunky gold or a thread-like silver kind of girl, you can always fall-back on that old stalwart – her best friend.

Go on, give her mate a call and see what she suggests. She'll also share the story with your girlfriend after Christmas, which will make you look like the caring man you really are.

Ladies, if you're reading this and don't want to have to trudge back to the shops to exchange in January, then point your men in the right direction by giving them this article.

Ever been given a present you didn't like? Tell us all about it and say what you really would have wanted.