Video: Your own private tank

Combat Armoring Group are launching a new Russian-built tank onto the market. This monstrosity goes by the name of Combat T98 and looks as though it could be quite useful in a scrape. At four tonnes in weight and over four metres in length, the vehicle manages to combine the attributes of jeep, SUV, estate car and limousine all on one set of wheels. The St Petersburg-based manufacturers assert that it is the fastest armoured cross-country vehicle in the world. The Combat T98 peaks at a top speed of 180 km/h (112mph) and is powered by a General Motors eight-cylinder big-block engine delivering 400 horsepower. Consisting of two steel skins, the armour-plating is claimed to withstand quite a pounding. The windows have been manufactured from two-inch (5cm) composite-reinforced glass.
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